Coffee Review Chocolate Mint by Berres Brothers

Today I review coffee from Berres Bros called Chocolate Mint.

Where do I start?! Well, the coffee smelled good while brewing.  It got me excited to taste this flavor.chocolate mint back

I poured a cup and added my sugar and some milk.  Still a great minty aroma. I really love the mint flavor of things like peppermint schnaps and chocolate mints after meals, as well as, mint hard candies.  I took my first sip, I instantly noticed that it tasted just like mint flavored dirt.  Very raw dirt taste with a hint of mint.  I thought my pallet was tricking me so I took another sip and my first impression was correct.  I had to pour it out. Terrible taste, very raw dirt flavor and very bitter.  I even added sugar first but it was still very bitter.

I have to say that this was the worst tasting coffee I have ever tasted.  Now, bear in mind that this is only my opinion. Take it or leave it.  Try for yourself but I don’t recommend it. Not one of the better flavors from Berres Bros which do have some great flavors.  This just isn’t one of them.