Amaretto French Roast Coffee Review

Today, I am trying an Amaretto French roast by Steep & Brew coffee roasters.
It has a very nice eye catching package with Gold, Purple and Black colors. While brewing, there wasn’t a very strong smell of coffee brewing. First taste was as a shot or a shooter. This coffee has a nice amaretto scent, with a hint of sweetness. Not too strong a scent but ample to know I’m having an amaretto blend.

amaretto dark roast

The brew has a nice amaretto taste with a hint of sweet fruitiness. It is not bitter at all. Very smooth, sweet flavor that makes your taste buds say “Yum”.  It’s not marked on the package but I would guess that it is a medium roast. Not bold, like dark roasts but it has a strong enough flavor that your not feeling like your drinking hot water. This roast doesn’t leave you with a bad after taste, it’s rather sweet and nice as the amaretto flavor lingers on the taste buds.

Fixing this flavor my way with 3 sugars and cream makes this brew even better.  The sweetness is not over powering adding the sugar to the already sweet taste of the coffee. I also added a hint of cinnamon because I love cinnamon in my coffee. I would recommend this to all my friends.  It can be found at The brewers are out of Madison Wisconsin.