White Russian Flavored Coffee Review

A White Russian is made of Vodka, Kaluha and heavy cream.  One of my favorite adult beverages.  But I substitute the Kaluha for Baileys’. I used to wind down my evenings with a couple after my shifts as a restaurant manager in Connecticut, back in the day.  Kaluha is a coffee flavored drink, so this flavored brew is cheating already since coffee taste like Kaluha already. Haha


The package claims that “it’s a creamy blend of liquor and cream.”  Smells like a caramel blend.  I like caramel.  It has a nice caramel color when brewed.  No bad after taste, it’s quite smooth and NOT bitter at all.  I would categories this as a light blend.

I might even enjoy this brew black, straight up, with no cream.  But because I’m a sugar-aholic, I would need it sweetened, otherwise it would be too bland for my taste.

As I dress my coffee with cream and sugar it still tastes like caramel.  I like this coffee but it’s nothing like the taste of a White Russian. More like a Caramel macchiato.

white russian brew This brew flavor is made by Berres Brothers and can be found in Festival Foods or you can order online at their website www.berresbrothers.com.  If you have tried their other flavors and think it’s worth a try,please let me know in the comment section below.