Hayman of London Coffee Review

Big Thank you to Hayman coffee out of London England for sending me a sample pack of their “Jamaica Blue Mountain” coffee.

First of all,the packaging is very pleasing to the eye and it was packed very nicely for shipping.

I was send coffee pods but don’t have a single serve coffee maker but I measured the coffee to

standards for my Ninja Coffee Bar.


That said, I brewed the coffee in my Ninja and found the aroma weak while brewing.  I’m not sure how much aroma comes out of brewing with a coffee pod for a single cup but I thought for a carafe, that there would be more of an aroma. That was the ONLY downside to this brew.  I found that when you put the coffee cup up to your nose, it has a nice aroma.  First I tasted the “Jamaican Blue Mountain” black with no milk or sugar to get a sense of the bitterness factor.  This coffee has no bitterness at all, it was very pleasant and smooth to the pallet.  It tasted more like tea than coffee, which was a pleasant surprise to me, but (England loves their tea).  After adding my usual sugar and milk, I found that it may have been better to drink it black.  This is  definitely a gem for the black coffee drinker.  You just loose the flavor when adding milk or another ingredient to the coffee.  But of course, this is just my opinion. Go ahead and prepare your cup as you normally would and let me know what you think.

Hayman coffee is a medium to light roast, which means generally that it’s higher in caffeine than a regular medium or dark roast.  If you’re a two cup drinker, maybe just one of these will be enough to get you going in the morning.  The Arabica beans of this coffee comes from Jamaica at an altitude of 900-1700 meters.  Harvesting period is in August thru September.  To find out more about the harvesting and origins please go to www.haymancoffee.com  and tell them coffee tongue sent you!