Coffee Quick Tip – Espresso

My coffee quick tip today is about espresso.

Many newbies to the world of espresso, lattes and cappuccinos pronounce it “expresso”.  This is a tell tale sign to a barista that the customer is new to the variances of ways that espresso can be prepared.

Espresso is not a coffee bean or flavor of coffee. It is the name of the process that the coffee is brewed.  First, the coffee bean is freshly ground finer that regular coffee, usually around 18 grams to make up to a double shot.  It is then put into a porta filter and tamped at 30 lbs of pressure.

The brewing temperature of the water for making a good espresso is around 200 degrees F.  It can range from 195 to 2005 degrees.  The brew time should be about 25 seconds consistently but may range from 23 to 28 seconds.  To short of brew time will make the coffee bitter and you’ll need to make a courser grind of your coffee beans.  On the other hand, a longer brew time can make the coffee taste sour and you’ll need to grind the beans finer.

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