Bad Mocha Latte Experience At Panera

Today I took my wife th Panera Bread.  I ordered a Mocha latte and an Orange Scone. My wife ordered Caramel Latte and a berry muffin.  The Latte’s were $3.99 each and the pastries were a little less in the $2.60 range, $13 and change in total.

Panera bread scone

We started off with our pastries while waiting for the coffee.  Delicious pastries!  Then our coffee was ready to pick up.  We usually put a couple sugars in the latte because we have sweet tooth’s,  today we didn’t.  I took a sip of my coffee and it tasted weird. I thought it might have attributed to the fact that I just had an Orange Scone and my pallet was just being deceived.  I took a few more sips and just couldn’t drink any more.  It tasted to me like rancid chicken smells. Awful tasting coffee.  I’m not the type to make a seen if there is a problem or an order is wrong, etc.  I just stop buying at that business and now I can blog about it.  When a customer buys something from a business, it should be the best product they can serve.  That being said, why didn’t anyone check the cocoa, milk or coffee brew time before making that cup of latte?

I will still buy pastries from Panera Bread but will not order any coffee from there again.